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Reset Compliance Systmes, Competence Management Company - Townsend Investments Reset Compliance Systmes, Competence Management Company - Townsend Investments
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Reset improves and simplifies health and safety procedures for estates and facilities managers, health and safety professionals, building managers, principal and sub-contractors.

Drawing on contracting, training and safety expertise, Reset offers a range of safety-enhancing, time and cost-saving products and tools for any organisation that needs to bring third-party contractors onto their site. 

Reset Compliance Systems is a competence-verification scheme that saves time and resources in the process of admitting third-party contractors onto any site, ensuring compliance with HSE and CDM obligations.

Simply by checking a Reset card, companies bringing workers onto site can verify that they have all the skills and qualifications necessary, without having to wade through reams of paperwork. Reset ensures compliance with all legislation and HSE regulations by facilitating fully traceable checks on all contractors and their employees.

Reset also helps contractors to fulfil their legal obligation to ensure their workers are fully qualified and competent to carry out their duties. For individuals working on sites, a Reset card means no more waiting around while documents are checked, and no need to carry around valuable certificates and identity documents. All an individual’s qualifications and identity data are stored centrally and securely – and can be accessed in an instant on any internet-enabled device from a single Reset card. 

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Reset Compliance Systmes Testimonial

“When we first considered going out for private investment we were looking for more than just a cash injection, we were looking for someone with some business savvy, someone that had trodden the path that we were attempting to go down and someone that could help us grow and prosper by applying their experience and guidance.

It seemed a tall ask but this is exactly what we found when through this search we found Ian Townsend and Townsend Investments.

Ian and his team have not just brought financial resource; they have brought expertise and a wealth of business knowledge. In addition, Ian has also assisted in further fundraising initiatives and provided valued introductions to his network of high net worth individuals and organisations.

At the very start it was, without doubt, an apprehensive time, never having used any external investment we were obviously nervous about bringing in a third party, but we wanted to grow and we needed help to do this. The apprehension was swiftly dismissed as we quickly developed a mutual respect for each other, trust and friendship followed as we entered into business together.

The relationship we now have is testament to the fact that when working with Townsend Investments we are working with real people and a team that is driven by success; a team fuelled by a common sense and grounded approach to every need of the business.

In the current climate any business journey is a challenge, however we would much rather face that challenge with Ian and Townsend Investments on board than face it without them.”

Gary Duce, Managing Director – Reset Certification Scheme

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