FAQs - Townsend Investments


Q: Are there any sectors that TI would not be interested in?

We are interested in a wide variety of sectors as demonstrated by our current investment portfolio. We would not however consider an investment in an unethical sector, such as animal testing or arms manufacturing.

Q: Are there any geographical locations that TI would not be interested in?

Townsend Investments usually invests within the UK, however we review each investment opportunity and its geographical location on a case by case basis, in some locations, such as areas of significant political unrest, we may be unable to invest.

Q: What differentiates TI from other investors?

We do not have specific targets for returns on investment and look at each opportunity on a case by case basis.

Q: Would TI invest in a start-up company?
Q: What are the key points which should be covered in an investment application?

A well thought out and structured business plan should cover:  company history, market opportunity and competition, business model, key personnel CV’s, financial performance to date and projections, S.W.O.T. analysis and level of investment required.

Q: What if the required investment amount falls outside of TI's investment range?

We would still welcome a conversation as for larger amounts we have the ability to partner with other potential investors.

Q: Does TI make investments outside of the UK?

TI does not generally invest in companies or properties outside the UK but we would never say never as we have extensive contacts in other countries such as The Bahamas, Australia and New Zealand.

Q: How would someone apply for an investment?

Initially a telephone call or e-mail to the number and/or address on the Contact Us page would be best; alternatively you can send your business plan to us by post. If we are interested in taking your application forward we will setup an initial meeting with you and take things from there.