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31st August 2016 - 2 more NHS Trusts join Reset

Reset is proud to welcome two new NHS Trusts to the Reset Certification Scheme.

Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Trust have joined the Reset scheme as Verifiers.  They will be using the Reset Certification Scheme to check the qualifications and competence of all contractors entering their sites.  

HSE legislation and CDM Regulations require all Facilities and Site Managers to verify the qualifications of every contractor coming onto site.  

To make contractor competence checks even easier, both Trusts will be using Reset Access, a self-service check-in for contractors, making the process even quicker and easier for estates management and contractors alike.  

Reset is now used at over 170 NHS sites as well as in Airports, Universities and other public and private sector buildings, to verify contractors’ competence.  All of these sites require contractors to obtain Reset Company Membership or Reset Individual  cards as a mandatory requirement.

Member companies and individuals who would like to work with NHS Trusts in the Reset scheme, can login to their Reset Dashboard and select the “Reset Mandatory Organisations” icon, where they can find the contact details of every site using Reset.

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