Our People

Ian Townsend, Founder and Chairman

Ian Townsend

Founder and Chairman

About Ian Townsend

Ian oversees our company and property investments. He is currently a Non-Executive Director of two Companies in which we have investments; Novabiotics Limited and Reset Certification Scheme Ltd, the latter of which he also serves as Chairman. Ian is a Chartered Accountant and worked with KPMG in the Bahamas before setting up his own practice, Townsend Management Consultants, which specialised in corporate recovery. In 1988 he co-founded an orthopaedic manufacturing business, Eurocut Plc, which went on to become The Medical House Plc (TMH) and was floated on AIM in 2000. Ian served firstly as Chief Executive and subsequently Chairman until the acquisition of TMH by Consort Medical Plc in 2009.

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Georgina Townsend, Investment Manager

Georgina Townsend

Investment Manager

About Georgina Townsend

Georgina is head of operations and responsible for all new investments. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG in 2007 where she worked in a variety of departments including audit, tax and private equity. In 2010 Georgina joined Intertek Group Plc and worked within their internal mergers and acquisitions department in London until her transfer to the Group’s Australian headquarters. Whilst in Australia she occupied a senior management position within Intertek’s minerals division and was responsible for divisional financial analysis, strategy and growth. Georgina also has a first class degree in BioMedical Sciences from The University of Sheffield.

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Peter Townsend, Research Analyst

Peter Townsend

Research Analyst

About Peter Townsend

Peter gathers market intelligence, performs business analysis and carries out a large part of the initial evaluation of new investment proposals. Additionally he looks after our portfolio of listed shares and manages all IT and accounting aspects of the business. Peter is experienced in Accountancy having worked with a small firm of Chartered Accountants for two years where he gained AAT Level 3.

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James Townsend, Business Development Manager

James Townsend

Business Development Manager

About James Townsend

James is responsible for new business ventures at Townsend Investments, with a particular focus on business opportunities in land and property. He actively seeks out investments in rural enterprises, such as: agriculture, food and drink production, forestry, renewable energy, and sports and leisure.  James originally qualified as a teacher and has a natural way with people. He spent a year living in Italy and first became interested in estate management while working at the Castello di Potentino vineyard in Tuscany. James is fluent in Italian and has a degree in European Studies (with Italian) from Royal Holloway, University of London.

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